Ashley carter

Leirvik, Vestland, Norway

Motorcycle mechanic, bike builder, owner of HCMotors. Englishman in Norway. Living with a disability


Well these are strange carbs. 4 different jets.... #xv920atv

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Carb parts have arrived. The "choke tube" is stuck in both carbs. I'm hoping they will come out with some heat, they should just fall out... Also top tip. Gun barrel cleaner things work great on carbs 👍

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Charity bike stunt bike.

Finally some progress... Hopefully the pictures upload. Ran a hone through the cylinder. Been stood for a long time. Came out better than I thought it would be.... Next up is a good clean up and some porting work.

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Some progress... Stainless bends for the exhaust, and made a bracket template for one engine mount. So much crappy weather it's impossible to actually do any work on this thing outside.... Can't even build a garage now as a neighbor is being a c*nt and won't allow planning..... Urghhhh.....

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Carb number 2. Also rusty... New jets ordered. Also ordered some stainless steel tubing for the exhaust.... Project is coming together slowly...

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