Ashley carter

Leirvik, Vestland, Norway

Motorcycle mechanic, bike builder, owner of HCMotors. Englishman in Norway. Living with a disability

Cub chopper

Motor in, both wheels on...

4 sparks

Cub chopper

Motor is back together again

3 sparks


Tacked in

1 spark


I'm beginning to get good at making these brackets with scrap metal and an angle grinder. They look thinner than they actually are. #xv920adv #virago #grindersfixall Next step. Welding!

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Would you look there. Progress. That's the 2 bolt in mounts in place. Spacers worked out too. (I always keep old bearings, great for using as temporary spacers) The upper mounts need to be grinded then spot welded in. Then I'm going to my in laws to use the big Lincoln welder.

2 sparks

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