Charity bike stunt bike.

Finally some progress... Hopefully the pictures upload. Ran a hone through the cylinder. Been stood for a long time. Came out better than I thought it would be.... Next up is a good clean up and some porting work.

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Here is about where we are.... Original plan was actually a hard tail chop. It would look cool, but the frame is tiny, so it would look a bit goofy. So the new plan is to build a new subframe. Probably a different swingarm. I've got an RS50 alloy one kicking around. Still a huge way to go. Engine needs building. Forks need cleaning up and seals etc.

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I'm building a bike in honour of my step brother, who died of a drug overdose. I'm building it with my buddy who has asbergers, which my step brother had. We are going to sell it and donate the money to a local charity. More pictures coming soon.

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