Honda Cb desert sled

The beast is now completed. Tomorrow is ingnition timing and jetting tuning.

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Maxence Vatel

@garrett.mahalla nice try but no. It’s the frame of a kawasaki kdx 200

garrett mahalla

Is that a kz 125 2 stroke frame next to the honda

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Honda Cb desert sled

My machinist did a great job on the head. Now it’s time to rebuild this !

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Honda 350 four Cafe Racer

Just bought this new piece of shit for nothing whereas I’m not done withe the other bike. I’ll have work to do.

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Honda Cb desert sled

By the time the CB is open in half on my workbench, I decided to have a new livery for my tank !

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Felix Hofte

Love it!

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Honda Cb desert sled

Few months ago, i thought i finished my project until I turned the throttle. The the exhaust blew a shit load of oil. No problem just the valve guide. So I rebuilt the engine.

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