About us

Wrench is one of the fastest-growing social networks targeting enthusiasts from all around the globe to document their builds, share their knowledge, and learn from like-minded.

The whole idea with Wrench came up after Pontus, an experienced hobby builder of custom cafe racers didn’t find any good forums or communities that gather all the bike-aficionados to share their projects with each other. Instead of searching thru thousands of small old-school forums and Facebook groups to find what suits you, Wrench gathers us - the motorcycle fanatics in one place.

The team today is a truly cross experienced team. With knowledge and experience from working with and at companies such as Klarna, Qapital, Norwegian, Urbanears, H&M, and Budbee we’ve gathered an extremely hungry team.

If you want to be part of the journey towards conquering the automotive industry send us an email at work@wrench.cc

Pontus Abrahamsson



Viktor Hofte



Felix Hofte



2 open positions

Fullstack developers (JS)


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