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Just trying not to set myself on fire again.

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XS1100 Brat Tracker

It's been 2 years I havent touched the project at all, just picked up this clean XS11 tank off a cool cat near downtown LA, trying to rekindle this old flame of a build, gunna be posting more on here soon!

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XS1100 Brat Tracker

It's a base model 1979 XS11 a coworker of mine got on a trade that was just gathering dust at his house, I helped him with some chores and he decided to gift it to me, I havent touched it at all yet, tanks full of rust and old gas as of right now. I'm planning on going for a clean brat/tracker look with it. Follow me along on this learning experience 😂

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João P Carvalhinho

Hi...can't see the picture :/

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