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October 26, 2020

New better image editor 

Today, there is no way to position the image on Android and iOS is pretty slow and cumbersome to maneuver. This will make editing much more solid and enable users to make their images even better.

Video support

Many of you have asked for video support, and that is something we are focusing on building. We will add support for shorter clips at first.

Image gallery

Today when you scroll thru your gallery and select one picture, the gallery scrolls to the top for you to edit the current image. This is something that is a bit frustrating and is top of our backlog to fix, our solution will be that if you select an image the editor should just be visible and not scroll to the top.

Zoomable images on Android

Currently, we only support zoomable images in posts on iOS, this is something we will add to Android too.

Multilanguage - done

Support dynamic translations of user-generated content so users can read posts in their own language.

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