XJR1300 1400cc Cafe Racer

Hey guys, Somewhere along the way I stopped using this app, sorry! The bike was finished in june or july, and I have used this summer, it also won second price at Kjula Dragway among bikes built for street use, best time was a 10.8s/216kph at 402m The bike is actually for sale now, please feel free to share the ad on the link, or contact me if interested 😊 classifieds.thebikeshed.cc/details/2606

1 spark

Rear brake setup done, allot of work considering I am such a poor driver that I hardly ever use it... 🙄

8 sparks

Headlight brackets (Will be black)

6 sparks

Exhaust system done (-ish) Will see, if this makes a barbercue of my right foot I Will have to change 😬😜

8 sparks

Brackets for setrab oil cooler

4 sparks

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