Bmw R1100gs scrambler

Not the best pictures, but took the scrambler out for a first big weekend trip. This is how she currently looks. Still lots of things to do but what a joy to ride!

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Progress is slow, but the r1100gs is up and running again. Now it is time to do some more printing like the cooler covers. I also plan on making a small front fender together with a windscreen like the R nineT urban scrambler. Also made a seat pan that needs some nice leather.

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Remie Knaapen

Thanks! 3d printed part wil be laminated for strength and painted once everything is ready.

Pontus Abrahamsson

really nice with 3d printed parts!

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Working on the electronics. Got the dash fully functional. Also headlight, blinkers and tail light.

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Little update. Arrow pro race exhaust mounted. In the end i would like to mount the exhaust a little bit higher and further back. But this will do for now. Also made a relais box for under the seat.

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Current status of the project + detail picture of the tail light. Next up is the relay box 😁

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