Trent Jarvis

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

GSXR 600 street & track

Bike is prepped for the track. Just waiting on some new rubber. Tyer shops not open coz of COVID

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GSXR 600 street & track

Clear tank pads for some grip on the track leathers

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GSXR 600 street & track

Slip on is on spark plugs and air filter in. Time to put it all back together

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Honda CB400 Moden Cafe Racer

Just finished painting the fuel tank. Really happy with how this one came out. Custom red candy 😍

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Rolf Van Otterdijk

That is really nice!

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GSXR 600 street & track

GSXR 600 getting track prepped. Brake lines, fluids , race coolant , tune and slip on

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Trent Jarvis

@ashley.carter Racing coolant is non-glycol(type B), it helps lower running temperature and unlike type A antifreeze it is not slippery. A lot of tracks won’t allow you to run a type A coolant.

Ashley carter

What's the difference between race coolant and regular coolant? Higher alcohol content?

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