Chris Edward Haugan

Kawasaki vulcan 800 Classic

Yet annother bike to the stable… is it an adiction? Nononononono. Just a normal little colletion 🤣🤣🤣🏍💨

2 sparks

Kawasaki Ltd 550 1982

Started polishing up some parts for the 550😎 hope to get it ready for next summer 🏍💨

2 sparks

Kawasaki Ltd 550 1982

1 spark

Kawasaki Ltd 550 1982

New horse in the stable😎🏍💨

3 sparks

Kawasaki gpz1000rx

Just couldn’t wait for tomorrow 😂 the rain stopped, so i just went for it 😂 it’s not a permanent style, but it will do until I get the fairings fixed properly and a new coat of paint🤩

6 sparks

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