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Wrench going multi-language

Felix Hofte

26 days ago

While Wrench is growing bigger every day, we can see users from all around the world creating projects and posts.

We want Wrench to be the go-to place where you share knowledge and get help on the way. We need to reach out to as many as possible, to get all the great people sitting in their garage, with that knowledge you desperately need to get that engine going. 

From now on language will not be an issue to use Wrench and communicate, we are starting with the first step. Localize all the text on the web platform. In the next release of the iOS and Android app, we will add this too.

Moving forward, we will support translations of posts, comments, and other content that is created from users, meaning you can post in your native language but all users can read it as their own.

Thanks for using Wrench, and your feedback is much appreciated. This is the first step in making Wrench a truly global place to share and get knowledge from.

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